Help on using this website

Registration and enrolment

Registration and enrolment is a two-step process. First you register on the site and then you enrol on a course. When you register the site automatically sends a confirmation email with a link to click on to confirm your account. Occasionally spam filters prevent these emails from getting through and so if you do not recieve a confirmation email within a few minutes of registering please check your spam settings. Each time you attempt to sign in a new confirmation email will be sent until your account is confirmed.

Once you have confirmed your account please click on Initial Teacher Education and then enrol on your course. Your provider will supply you with a course code. Trainee teachers, mentors and verifiers all need the same course code. Once you have enrolled your status will be Pending until approved by the course provider. Please contact your provider for approval. Once your course enrolment is approved if you are a trainee you can access your portfolio and if you are a mentor or verifer your trainee(s) can see your name on their course and give you access to their portfolio.